"Do Everything In Love" 1 Corinthians 16 :14

Year 6 Residential Updates

We have heard from Mr Howse and Miss Johnson this morning that the children are having a great time so far! 
Yesterday they enjoyed orienteering and the "leap of faith". They have had some downtime where they have been swimming and this morning they are off kayaking! 
This morning, Oaks went kayaking on a nearby lake where we learned to paddle forwards and backwards, create rafts and also play some fun games. Almost everyone ended up drenched and in the lake! After a nice packed lunch, we went climbing and were fortunate enough to climb on rocks that are over a million years old! We learned about different climbs and their difficulty ratings. We are currently very tired but heading for a campfire before heading to our well-deserved beds!
The children had a great campfire, sharing jokes and riddles then listened to a scary story about a gorilla that had a funny ending! 
In the morning, the children had a go at skiing! They used their growth mindset skills to identify where they were in their stage of learning and where they wanted to be at the end of their session. Some children then tried the nursery slopes whilst others opted for a more challenging terrain. All the children did brilliantly and we were so proud that they were willing to have a go at the activities.