"Do Everything In Love" 1 Corinthians 16 :14

Scientists at work!

This week in Beech class the children have been learning about habitats of small creatures and investigating the food chain.
The children were very excited as a class to be able to dissect owl pellets in order to discover what the owl had last eaten! The owl pellet is mainly fur and the bones of the animal the owl had eaten but could not digest. The children where captivated with this science lesson and where amazed by the tiny bones they discovered.
Mrs Bampton and the children focused on finding bones whilst other children inspected the owl pellets before delving deeper with the tweezers! Children were very careful to treat the bones carefully and delicately brushed the fur away from the bones with a paintbrush. They then carefully collected information from their investigation and used it to identify the bones. The children had a fantastic time being scientists and really enjoyed discovering bird skills, vole bones and delicacies that the owls had enjoyed for their dinner!