"Do Everything In Love" 1 Corinthians 16 :14

Reading Champions

We want to celebrate the joy we get from reading a great book, whether it be a chapter book, nonfiction or comic book!  Today we made Sophia in Year 5 a Reading Champion in our school.  Sophia loves reading and decided to share her love of reading with some friends and created a Year 5 Book Club.  They are currently reading "War Horse" and meet to discuss what they have read so far!  We have started a "Reading Champions Scrapbook" so children can take it home and write a review of a brilliant book they are enjoying so it can then be shared with friends.  Hopefully, this might inspire others to try that book!   We would like to make some more Reading Champions in school and hope this initiative will encourage everyone to share a love of reading.  Thank you to Sophia for your all your enthusiasm!