"Do Everything In Love" 1 Corinthians 16 :14

Oaks trip to Bore Place

On Wednesday, Oaks visited Bore Place for the first of three visits this year. We were incredibly grateful to Bore Place who came to school to collect us and dropped us back in their amazing minibus.

When we arrived, we split into groups and learned about balanced diets and what one is comprised of. Afterwards, we learned about processed food and ultra-processed and the differences between them. We learned that processed food isn’t always bad, for instance, if you roasted and blended a squash (

As we did for our flapjacks) then this would technically be processed. Ultra-processed foods tend to have preservatives and other additional things added.

After that, we went on a tour of the farm, seeing the wildlife that lives there as well as seeing where the vegetables are grown for their ‘market garden’.

Once we had returned indoors, we followed the recipe carefully to make flapjacks containing squash that had been harvested previously at Bore Place. As they cooked, we ate our lunch and prepared for a journey to the milking parlour and to see the livestock that produces over 5000l of milk a day at Bore Place.

Inside the parlour, we were shown the equipment used to milk the cows and were even fortunate enough to meet three pregnant heifers (females) and a whole barn of calves.

To finish the day, we cut our cooled flapjacks and even got to eat them!

Many thanks to Bore Place and to our leader, Ali, who made our day so enjoyable!