"Do Everything In Love" 1 Corinthians 16 :14

Wrap Around Clubs

Wrap Around Clubs

We are pleased to offer morning and after school provision for all children.

Both morning and after school club are run by school staff. There are a range of activities offered that allow children to be active or to relax.


Morning Club

Morning club opens at 7:30am.

Please see below for pricing:

  • From 7:30am £6 – additional sibling £4.50
  • From 8:00am £5 – additional sibling £3.50
  • From 8:30am £2.50 – additional sibling £1.75


After School Club

We have an After School Club that runs from the end of the school day until 5:30pm

Please see below for pricing:

  • Until 4pm £4.50 – additional sibling £3
  • Until 4:30pm £7.50 – additional sibling £5.25
  • Until 5pm £9 – additional sibling £6.75
  • Until 5:30 £12 – additional sibling £9


Extra Curricular Clubs

We have a variety of extracurricular clubs that run termly. Information regarding these clubs is sent each term.

We are also able to provide care after these clubs have finished.

Please see below for pricing:

  • From 4:15 (after school clubs) £4.50 – additional sibling £3


Reserve a place

If you would like to book a place then you are able to do so via the School Gateway app or online at https://login.schoolgateway.com.

Payment must be made online or via childcare voucher in advance to secure your child's place.