"Do Everything In Love" 1 Corinthians 16 :14

Elms Class News

Elms class have been finding out what life is like in Shanghia this term. This week we made a noodle stir-fry using lots of different yummy vegetables and all tried to eat it using chopsticks! We were also lucky enough to be visited by Miss Lam who has lived in China and could tell us first-hand what it is like to live there.


The whole school has been buzzing with arrival of the ducklings this week. Elms class have been busy keeping a duckling diary all week and the children have written about how they changed during the week. The children have been helping to look after the ducklings by changing their food and water each day, and the children were delighted to be able to hand feed them. The ducklings were very excited to have their first swim in a little pool today.