"Do Everything In Love" 1 Corinthians 16 :14

Coronation Celebrations

The children have had great fun this week and are eagerly anticipating the coronation celebrations.
In collective Worship we have learnt about The King’s Procession, and how King Charles III will arrive at Westminster Abbey in the state coach where he will be crowned using St Edwards Crown, made in 1661 for King Charles II.
We talked about the Coronation Big Lunch and other celebrations that may be held this weekend in honour of this momentous event and to promote celebration and friendship. The children joined in with “To the sound of Trumpets”, a song that has been specifically written for the King’s coronation.
In their classes, the children have loved taking part in coronation activities and dressing up. Mrs Marshall has also been fantastically creative with morning and after school club, making gates and headbands. The whole school has been working exceptionally hard to create their commemorative plates, which look absolutely stunning.
Many thanks to all the staff and parents who have helped the children this week. It has been a mammoth undertaking but the results speak for themselves. The children all l