"Do Everything In Love" 1 Corinthians 16 :14

Trotting to victory

How I achieved my Gold Rosette

During May half term I attended my first ever Pony club. I was lucky enough to get my favourite horse Tinka.

First on the list was to muck out 2 fields second on the list was to groom Tinka. I used two different types of brushes.

One was called a curry comb and the other was a mane and tail brush. The Farrier arrived just in time so I could see his old shoes being taken off and new shiny shoes replaced. Next I assisted with putting the bridle on while the leader put his saddle on and adjusted the girth.

It was finally time to lead him up to the sand school along with his horse friends Del, Azzy and Star. My group all lined their horses up, one by one we mounted our horses. I could see we had a tricky challenge ahead of us. There were 4 poles, the first and third pole had pots on the tops and we had to move them to the second and fourth poles, then slalom through trot poles.

I then had to trot whilst weaving in and out of the purple poles. I had to ride through the centre of the arena, around another pole, do a figure of eight, weave through teal poles and then finally halt for 5 Tinka’s in a square box. The timer had stopped! Little did I know but I had won the challenge and achieved a gold rosette by coming first place in the fastest time. I also went home with a lucky horse shoe.