"Do Everything In Love" 1 Corinthians 16 :14

About Ide Hill

Ide Hill is a small village that lies four miles to the south-west of Sevenoaks. It is  at one of the highest points of the green sand ridge, which enjoys views to the south over Weald, and north over the parent parish of Sundridge to the North Downs. As such, it is situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

The origins of Ide Hill date back to Anglo Saxon times when the ancient forests were cleared and the north-south shape of Sundridge Parish was formed, creating an area of rich farmland, surrounded by woodland. The first record of Ide Hill can actually be found in 1250, where it was referred to as 'Edythehelle'. It is said that before their marriage, Henry VIII often visited Ide Hill with Anne Boleyn.  


Ide Hill School:
Ide Hill School is the highest primary school in Kent and as such, we celebrate our own diverse weather system! 
The school itself was built in 1856 to serve the surrounding farming community.  After World War II,  the school became a primary school for pupils to the age of eleven. Rather unusually, the Old School building predates St Mary's church, which was not built until 1865.
They say that it takes a village to raise a child. At Ide Hill Church of England School we believe in the strength of partnership in educating the whole child - spiritually, emotionally, morally, academically, socially and culturally. Ide Hill and St Mary's church now work in partnership to serve the local community and wider community. 
From September 2019, children will be taught in single aged classes from Reception to Year 6, in classes of approximately 22. In order to achieve this, the school Governing Body has worked hard to improve the learning environment through a series of building projects. We are delighted that the school now accommodates children well and can continue to serve families in the years to come.  
We have excellent links with local nurseries and pre schools and work closely, often with up to eight or nine settings, to ensure that children achieve the best possible start to their primary school journey. As children reach year 6 and start to think about their secondary schools, we are ideally situated for children to select from a range of schools in Kent, East and West Sussex.