Climate Superheroes

25th October 2019
In collective worship this week we were thinking about the importance of superheroes – those who help and guide us in our lives. We considered which might be the very best superpower to have and looked at how we might think or act differently if we could be King Solomon for a day and have his great wisdom. We were then visited by Maureen from CAFOD, who came to talk to the children about how we can be a climate change superhero. Maureen challenged the children to make a difference to our world, perhaps by walking to school rather than driving or maybe by reducing our plastic use. Maureen then led a workshop for year 6.
“This week, Ide Hill Year 6 children were visited by Maureen, a CAFOD representative. CAFOD is an organisation helping the third world. Maureen helped to show our class what is happening to the world because of climate change, what causes climate change and what we can do to prevent climate change. We did an activity to look at the cause or effect of climate change and discussed topics such as deforestation, campaigning, less use of plastic, loss of habitats and more. It was a really good morning and I am glad that we all had the opportunity to think about how we can make a difference.”