Healthy Lunches

1st May 2015
This week we were visited by Kim Cook, Area Manager from our school dinner company, GSS. I received the following email from Kim, which I would like to share with you all.
' Thank you to all the children for welcoming me into your school to speak about school dinners. You asked some very relevant questions and gave me some interesting feedback regarding your lunchtime experience.
There were some very positive comments about our school meals, which was lovely to hear, and some good ideas for food that you would like to have on the menu, including carbonara, noodles, stir fry and a greater variety of vegetables. Watch out for some of these dishes on our new menu, which starts after half term. I will forward the ideas to our menu developer and Mrs Hillman is going to ask you to think of more meals you would like and let me know.
Some children asked if GSS would be able to provide packed lunches children instead of a hot school dinner in the future. I explained that the government incentive was to encourage children to eat a healthy hot school dinner. This is the reason that government pays for children in reception, year 1 and year 2 to have a hot school dinner for free.
There were some children who had some great dinner ideas however I explained that some of these foods (for example, meringue) would be difficult to produce s the kitchen is preparing foods for lots of other schools and they simply do not have the oven space to produce these foods when children order on the day. We discussed pre ordering for the week to allow the children more choice but this has apparently been trialled last year and was not successful for a variety of reasons.
One interesting question was why children are not allowed chocolate in their packed lunches when the children who have a school dinner are often served chocolate cake! Some of you thought that this was unfair and unhealthy. I explained that all the food we serve, including puddings have to be healthy and must comply to the British standards that are enforced by government. We have to follow these standards when planning menus, which is why you are not allowed chips more than once a week! We also have to offer fruit puddings for 50% of the week. When one child asked how chocolate cake could be healthy you were all extremely shocked to find out that the 'surprise' in the 'surprise chocolate cake' that you had eaten that day was that it contained beetroot!
Unfortunately I was not able to answer all your questions so if you have any more, please do write them down and give them into the school office so that Mrs Hillman can let me know.
Many thanks