PGL 2016

1st July 2016
We will be updating this page whilst we are away to keep you up to date with our adventures.
Friday pm update: Today was very fun we were very noisy on the coach because we were so excited. When we got to the ferry we had to wait an hour for our ferry! We ate lunch on the ferry and went up to the sun deck where Faye nearly lost her hat! When we got there we cheered as we came through the gates. We were greeted by our groupie, Sabrina. Our first activity was matrix, they told us we were going to clean quad bikes but soon we found out that it was far from that! We were greeted with puzzles, riddles and secret passages! The next activity was the challenge course where we had lots of different obstacles to overcome and we got very muddy!  We had lots of challenges involving cones and water. Then we had dinner and went back to settle into our cabins. We are currently relaxing before we head to Ambush. 
Faye, Freya and Phoebe 
Saturday am update: Ambush was really exciting, we were in groups of 6, one group was with Sabrina and the other group was with Nick. We hid in groups and we worked so hard to out hide the other team- in the end it came to a tie . We found the most peculiar places to hide. We wiped mud all over our faces, both MrHowse and Miss Akehurst joined in. This morning we did  canoeing with Charlie and Adam. We played Zombies vs Humans and we had to paddle away. After that we did canoe wrestling. We flipped th canoe and knelt on top and  tried to push our partner off. Everyone really wanted  to have
a go. We have now eaten lunch and are getting ready for quad biking and all aboard. 
Saturday pm update: We all turned up to  quad biking really excited but we were all a tiny bit apprehensive of the danger of crashing. We went through our safety talk and learnt how to control the quad bike and how to put the safety equipment on- then we got ready to start! We went two at a time and so in pairs we both got onto the quad bikes awaiting instructions. First of all we had to pass the PGL driving test with an instructor beside us but thankfully we all passed so we were off! We sped around the track diverting minor crashes and all finished with only a couple of bumps to the tyres. 
All Aboard was up next. All Aboard was an ultra high pole with a tiny platform at the top. Looking up at the tall pole we all felt terrified but determined to have a go. We were harnessed up and talked through the instructions before getting into position. We went up in threes all standing on the tiny platform looking down at the specs of people underneath. Then the race was on to push each other off and to be left dangling. Most of us managed to get quite a way up so we all feel extremely proud of ourselves. We have been to the shop and eaten dinner. We are playing capture the flag tonight.
Monday morning update:We are at Fishbourne  waiting to board .We are currently on track to arrive back at school on time.  The iPad is doing the rounds and we are busy typing up our adventures. A full report will be comic soon! 
Miss Akehurst
 Here are all the exciting things we will be participating in over the next few days.






Session 1




Session 2





Session 3



Giant Swing

Session 4

Challenge Course

All Aboard

Cat Walk


Evening Activity


Capture the Flag