Young Voices 2019

14th February 2019
 Last Tuesday, Miss Johnson, Mrs Reeves, Mrs Budgen and Mrs de May accompanied the choir to the O2 for the Young Voices 2019 event. The children had a fabulous day rehearsing and then performing with approximately 8000 other children. “It was really big and it had a very good vibe! It felt amazing so sing and dance with so many other children” Bronte “ It was quite emotional and overwhelming. When you sing with others it’s like they express your feelings too. I really liked it” Eryn Mrs Morrall phrased it beautifully on Twitter, when she wrote: "Thanks @YVconcerts, our little village school had pride of place behind the stage! What a night"
We have been delighted with the feedback that we have received from children, parents and staff. The children absolutely loved this experience which, I hope, will be a lasting Ide Hill memory. I know that you will join me in thanking all the staff and parents who made this possible. It was an enormous amount of work, but in true Ide Hill style it all came together rather beautifully. I would like to particularly thank Miss Johnson for all her hard work, extra choir rehearsals and for organising an additional cake sale to help the children raise funds for the coach. The children literally "sang for their supper" and in doing so, raised £165.86. Thank you to all the parents who contributed and who also travelled to the 02 to support the children, especially Mrs Morrall who came well equipped with a fantastic IDE HILL PRIMARY banner!
It was a particularly cold night on Tuesday evening and the snow was falling fast. Unfortunately this meant that two of our teachers had to abandon their cars at midnight and would have been stuck at school if it were not for Mr and Mrs Bailey and Mrs Reeves who immediately volunteered to go out of their way to deliver our teachers home safely. Thank you. A huge thank you to Mrs Reeves, for all her administration work and for securing those fabulous tickets! I would also like to thank Mrs Snary and Mrs Wormald for helping to pass messages to parents who were waiting for the coach to arrive. I often talk about our "wonderful community" but this is an excellent example of community spirit in action.