Social Development

What is social development? 
At Ide Hill School we recognise that the social skills children learn today will help them in a range of social situations at school or home and in later life. In order to develop these skills all staff model and promote the competancies and qualities that will enable children to play their own part in society.
  • We foster a sense of community within classes and as a whole school, working with the local community and with the church. We create opportunities for children to lead acts of worship, perform at social events and  promote their presentation skills at open days. We expect high standards of behaviour and conduct. We expect all children to be courteous and to model good manners to those both older and younger to them. 
  • We encourage children to work as a community. Children collect house points both individually and collectively. All children  follow the behaviour policy which they helped to create with the teachers and earn class points towards golden time by going the extra mile. Year 6 children help all new children to feel safe and welcomed by acting as 'buddies' at playtimes and helping at other key times of the day when children might usually feel lost of unsure.
  • All children in the school form part of our school council. We discuss issues socially and all children are given the opportunity to share their throught s freely. 
  • We believe in freedom of speech. All children are asked to contribute to discussions and help to improve the school socially. We ask all children to complete a Pupil Questionnaire to share their views on the school and we use this for future discussions in school.
  • We encourage children to be democratic in their behaviour by voting in all adspects of learning and in their play. This year, children have elected prefects, presented awards to their peers through 'children's choice' celebrations, named a teaching room through school council and are able to demonstrate these skills on the playground, selecting games, chosing roles for a play etc. 
  • We encourage all children to be active members of the school. Year 6 children are lunchtime play leaders, prefects and monitors. All children are role models and as such have class rights and responsibilities. 
  • We encourage children to socialise with their peers, and to show individual liberty in their choices, through voting, making individual choices e.g about the clubs that they would like to join, which books to select, which games to join in with and by creating the opportunities for children to share their own opinions in a safe and supportive environment. 
  • We encourage children to see their own place in school and  examine the rules, rights and responsibilities that learning at Ide Hill brings with it. We expect all children to follow school rules and understand the consequences of their actions. We help children to take responsibility for their actions through rewards and sanctions, applying this to the wider world. 
  • We promote role models in society to enforce the rule of law and encourage children to enforce the school rules in the same way e.g PCSO supporting road safety campaign this year, children on road safety patrol.  
  • We show mutual respect for others through our values and beliefs. We learn about other faiths and cultures. We use PSHE and SEAL to explore our feelings and use these skills to communicate with other more effectively. 
  • We use visitors as role models in life, to inspire and encourage children.
  • We encourage children to analyse their own skills and talents and see how they help form part of a bigger team.