Rojo Rojo Orphanage

The Rojo Rojo orphanage was opened in 2011 as part of a collaboration between aids awareness campaigner Joseph Ndaa, and husband and wife team Sarah and Richard Acland. There are currently 14 children aged between six and sixteen, 7 boys and 7 girls living at the Rojo Rojo orphange in Kenya. Ide Hill School and our local community shop have supported the project for a number of years, and recently fundraised to help towards a new irrigation system, needed to successfully grow their own crops. 
Ide Hill School has supported the Rojo Rojo Orphanage for many years and our previous fundraising projects have helped to provide shelter, goats and school fees for the children. This year, we are hoping to support another important project: to provide an irrigation system so that the orphanage can grow and harvest their own crops. Throughout the school, the classes have been learning about the right for all children to have food to eat, and their responsibility to help. The children were therefore busy making cakes, hand sewing items, using the sewing machines and even making slime to sell after school!
Beech Class recently wrote letters to the children who live at the Rojo Rojo orphange. We hope to get some replies!