Forest School - Flag making

29th March 2019

Forest School – Flags for the forest


As usual we started with a recap of the Forest School rules. Furthermore, we discussed safety using the rubber mallets as part of the activity on offer.


The children were excited to attend this week, with the lovely weather and changes in the temperature. On the walk to the woods the children were noticing all the changes in the trees and ground cover. We were lucky to see the first flowering bluebells in the woods too. Some children took part in the activity using Hapazome to create leaf and petal patterns and colours on a piece of white material, which the children requested to make a flag for their den. Hapazome is a technique where green leaves or flower petals, anything with a sap and colour are place on a flat surface, a plank of wood. The material is placed over the top and then they are hit with a rubber mallet which pounds the coloured sap out and transfers it to the cloth. They were happy with their results and some children mixed flower colours “look purple”. The slack line and monkey swing were on offer and proved popular with the children. Others chose to hunt for bugs, build further dens and use the ropes for climbing in the trees.


It was another fabulous day.