Esafety Top Tips

13th March 2015


As part of the new Computing National Curriculum the children in Ash class have been learning about blogs and the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration.

 The children have been using the Kidblog website to create Ash’s very own private class blog. They have been learning about the purpose of a blog and how important it is to use it responsibly by creating secure usernames, passwords and by considering their writing before posting it online. Through the blog the children have been sharing their learning about the Ancient Greeks, adding appropriate images, tags and putting in place their literacy skills. The blogs are checked regularly by Mrs Sharp as their class teacher, esafety leader and qualified esafety trainer for adults.

 During their ICT learning, the children asked for some of their Esafety tips for Parents and Children to be shared in this newsletter…

  1. Always check games, websites, YouTube or anything that your child would like to use before they use it.
  2. Always ask an adult to look before you commit to anything, like pop ups.
  3. Always check that your child is not playing a game with someone that they don’t know.
  4. Never ban a child from using ICT – teach them how to use it responsibly. If a child is banned they will feel like they have done something wrong.
  5. Always make sure that your security settings are activated.
  6. Always act responsibly online and think about your audience and remember that your words will be read by others.