Tool use and crafts - Forest School

14th June 2019

Tool use – crafts.


It was a lovely sunny start to the day and the children were all excited to be going for a walk in the woodland. They started at the fire circle where the rules were remembered well, before talking about the days’ adventures. We especially talked about the use of the tools and the safety elements involved. The tools were identified as a bowsaw, a hand drill, a palm drill, a metal tent peg and a mallet. We talked about the different types of wood being used. The children had a choice of different activities; Bead making - using elder sticks, where they pushed out the pith centre to make a thread able bead. Some chose to colour the beads they made. Spinners – two kinds either a spinning top or a moving picture. They first cut a wood cookie on the saw horse and then drilled holes as required using a hand drill or palm drill. They decorated as appropriate. Story Stones – Firstly the children used the stones made by Mrs Harris to tell a story and then had a go at making some of their own using the acrylic pens. The walk to the top of the woods was good with some of the children making comments on the growing flowers, and how much the trees had grown. We continued our walk through the woodland stopping to play. The children were happy to make their own activities some using the string to make stick fairies, others attaching ropes to the trees to make swings and climb. Others chose to play imaginary games in the dens with their friends. The afternoon session followed a similar pattern and the children really got stuck in. They enjoyed their time in free play in the woodland, as well as learning some new skills using the tools available.