Eco Club Assembly

19th February 2020

Yesterday, children from our Eco club took centre stage to talk to the whole school about their important work. The children were invited by Miss Johnson to talk about the laminated notes that have magically appeared around the school near light switches, laptops and smartboards.


The children explained that Eco club had audited the school to investigate how many lights and devices were left on unnecessarily. The children discovered that as many as 27 lights were on when they need not be and that many computers and smartboards were on standby. They were so shocked by these results that they decided to take action!


Eco club informed the children that the majority of electricity is produced by non-renewable energy sources  such as burning fossil fuels and that although we have the right to learn, it should not be at the expense of our other rights. This is why the children had wanted to make notes to remind children and adults to switch off lights and devices when they are unused.