Forensic Scientists

1st December 2017
A report by Sam, Willows Class.
On Friday we took part in a forensic day. We all wore lab coats. Our first job was to check the crime scene that Miss Johnson had especially created for us to help us think about the different aspects of the work that forensic scientists do in their job. We used our skills to work out that it was a murder scene at a wedding! We found a Dairy Milk wrapper, a blood stained tissue under the stool near the board, a picture frame, a ripped up letter and a purple necklace. We also found wool wrapped around a chair leg. The wool was also purple. There was a book and a cup. The cup had purple lipstick on it. Hmmm whatever could it mean?
Next, we went to the hall and talked about what we had spotted. After lunch, we did some activities. There was some clay with marks on and we were asked to match the marks and make patterns using different tools. My next activity was to match the writing from a ransom note.
At the end of the day Miss Johnson showed us a picture for 30 seconds and we talked about the items shown. There were some tricky questions and even a trick question about the date! It was a really fun day and my favourite part was assessing the crime scene, looking for clues. Even though we knew it wasn't real it was interesting and really cool. If I had a forensic job I would be a forensic scene officer.