COVID-19 Support

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience and support since the announcement was made on the 30th December to close schools within the Sevenoaks area. Since this time we have been working around the clock to update risk assessments, discuss arrangements with staff and to put in place a workable plan to ensure that children can continue their learning.

This school closure is unlike the previous closure, when the curriculum was suspended and schools were given tight guidelines and restrictions. In reality, although the physical school building is closed, learning will not stop at all. Most children will be learning from home with a small number of key worker and vulnerable children learning from school. We will therefore be following our remote learning plan to ensure that all children are provided with the same education, no matter where they are learning from.

Before  the Christmas break, Willows and Hazel class were able to put the remote learning plan in place whilst their classes were closed. We have listened to feedback from parents and staff that the number of zoom meetings expected was unmanageable, particularly where siblings were sharing the same computer,  and have therefore removed the afternoon zoom session for children. This means that children will now have one zoom contact  session with their teachers each morning in addition to their feedback session. Collective worship will be available via a separate  additional zoom meeting link or via a pre recorded video.  The updated plan is available below, for your information.  

If your child is learning at school

Children will receive the same learning as those learning from home. They should come to school at the same time, using our normal staggered starts / end of the day. School staff will be wearing face shields or masks more often, including in the classroom and must keep a safe distance from other adults and children. We will be encouraging the same hands - face - space message to all children, ensuring that:

  • children wash their hands regularly.
  • children understand that they can help by keeping a safe distance from others.
  • classrooms will be ventilated. As per my previous email, we ask that those attending school wear base layers under their uniform. We have always  had windows open but the weather has changed, the temperature has dropped and there will be less children using the same space.


We ask all parents to ensure that you keep a safe distance from others outside of school and that you wear a mask. If your child shows the slightest sign of being unwell they (and siblings)  should stay at home please. We were aware at the end of last term that children were testing positive whilst displaying symptoms that were not the main Covid- 19 symptoms, such as headaches, upset tummies, sore eyes or a rash . Please keep everyone safe by keeping your child at home. In this instance, please contact the school office to report the absence. Your child will then be able to access their learning remotely at home if they are feeling up to it.  


If your child is learning from home

On Monday, you will receive an email from the school office with details of your child's learning for that one day only.

 From Tuesday, remote learning will be accessible via your child's class page on the school website. All children have been provided with a login for this purpose. If you have difficulties logging in, please contact the school office for support. The class page will detail all your child's learning as well as deadlines for the completion of work. Class emails will be in use however these should not be used for home learning please. All completed home learning must be uploaded back onto the class page for the teacher to see. By doing  instead of emailing it you will be helping to significantly reduce teacher workload as we can avoid teachers needing to download individual pieces of homework from emails.

If your child become unwell with any symptoms related to Covid19 as described above, please let us know by contacting the school office. We can then notify the class teacher and update our registers accordingly.

It is my hope that remote learning is in place for a short time only as school closure is not an ideal situation for us. Please do keep in contact with us during this time so that together, we can support your children in their learning.

Stay Safe,

Louisa Hillman