Forest School - Flags and marshmallows

5th April 2019
We had two sessions this week, one with Elms and the other with Saplings.
Elms started with a recall of the Forest School rules before going into the forest, where they enjoyed the monkey swing, climbing, imaginary games and making their own flags using the Hapazome technique we had used the previous session, using the rubber mallet to extract the sap and colour from flower petals and green leaves. They chose a stick to fix to their flag. The slack line was popular both travelling along the top of the line and clinging to travel under the line. Lots of children are mastering the different techniques. The den building has reached a great level of development and now has a moss exterior as well as areas within. The children continue to enjoy building and creating with the sticks. The class then returned to the school field where they discussed the rules of fire lighting and safety around the fire. They remembered the points really well and showed this when they were toasting theor marshmallows to make a smore. They had a try of some nettles that were fried to make crisps. Some of the children said they tasted like popcorn, while others were not too keen. It was a fabulous session.
Saplings Class started at the fire, where they also discussed fire safety and had the opportunity to toast a marsh mallow which was put inside a chocolate biscuit to make a smore. They started to make their own flags using the Hapazome technique. They then went down to the forest where they had lots of fun climbing trees, engaging in imaginary role play stories with their friends and collecting insects and identifying them. Some continued to make flags in the forest. It was another fabulous session.