Year 4 Activity Afternoon

20th April 2018
On Friday 20th April Year 4 welcomed Laurence and Holly from Bowles for an afternoon of team building activities on the Glebe Field. 
Year 4 worked together in teams throughout the afternoon completing different team challenges.
Astroid: We had to use guttering tubes to move the ball from its starting position into the bucket.
Totem Pole:  We had to build a totem pole out of five boxes so that each of the side spells out a team work quality.
Deadly Swamp: Using three planks and the small islands we had to cross from one side of the deadly swamp to the other
Electric Swamp: We had to cross the fence without equipment or people touching the fence.
Helium Atom: While keeping your fingers on the ring, we had to lower the ring to the ground.
Lava Field:  We had to cross the lava swamp blindfolded by only standing on the square that were strong enough to hold us. If we got stepped on a square that couldn't hold us we had to start again.
Matrix: We had to move the letter around to solve the puzzle
Mayan Madness: We had to build a series of ramps to move the golf ball from the starting point and into the bucket.
Sky Scraper Shuffle: We had to stand on a 'platform' and follow instructions given to us.
Spiders Web: We had to cross through the web without touching any part of the web.
Towers of Hanoi: We had to move the five discs from their starting position to either of the other two posts.
From the afternoon we learnt the following about team work;
  • We have to work together.
  • We have to be able to agree on things.
  • If at first you don't succeed you can try again.
  • We need to help each other.
  • We need to have team spirit.
  • We need perseverance.
  • We need to encourage each other
  • We need to listen to each other.