Year 4 Sleepover

21st April 2017

The children in year 4 had a wonderful time at their sleepover on 21st April. In the afternoon, the event was launched with some practical problem solving on the Glebe Field. The children worked together in teams and to support and challenge each other. They also had to communicate carefully with each other to overcome some obstacles and logic problems. The children showed great determination, perseverance and resilience when facing all the challenges, demonstrating exemplary behaviour for learning and excellent growth mindsets. They agreed that their favourite challenge was the spiders web. After all the excitement of the team challenges it was time for some forest school! The children learnt how to light a fire using a flint and steel so that they could cook their own pizzas over the fire.

They then chilled out in the garden before doing some craft, watching a film and settling down for bedtime in the hall and classrooms. In the morning, they were up early to pack up and join in some more activities, including making smores! The children had a great time and are well prepared for their first residential visit next year. A huge thank you to all the parents and staff involved in making our first ever Ide Hill Sleepover a success!